Linda Dench, PhD., LPC, RPT

Jungian play therapy explores how Greek myths and a variety of figurines in Sandplay reveal a more nuanced and symbolic analysis of the masculine.  An archetypal assessment instrument practiced in the workshop will reveal concepts of the child’s Self. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe and explain the key tenets of Jungian Play Therapy

  2. Demonstrate an enhanced multicultural competency and a  greater appreciation of the diversity of gender roles that are available to children and adolescents than are presently accepted in our society at large

  3. List 2 steps to utilize storytelling, myth or fairytale within the play therapy process to expand children’s and adolescent’s psychological view of the masculine

  4. Identify 3 steps to implement the archetypal assessment instrument to assist child and adolescents in the play therapy process with broadening their phenomenological views of what it means to be male

  5. Identify relevant sand miniatures to cultivate the power of the masculine within the play therapy sandtray process 

E. Family Matters: Connecting Families Together through Play Therapy

Laurie Schein, LCSW, RPT

This workshop will explore Play Therapy with an attachment focus and provide practical ways of helping families attach through play.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify 2 attachment focused models that play therapists can utilize in sessions

  2. List at least 5 different attachment-focused play therapy techniques to use with children and families

  3. Identify 3 benefits and challenges of incorporating parents in play therapy sessions

  4. Identify 1 strength and 1 possible obstacle the therapist brings to the play therapy session

F. Modern Play Therapy in a Technological Era

Rachel Altvater, Psy. D., RPT-S 

This training is aimed at providing an introduction to technology in the playroom for clinicians of all backgrounds and comfort with technology.  Play therapists will learn about the research, ethics, and practice related to technology in play therapy sessions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the new age world of technology for children and how this influences play therapy

  2. Identify 3 research findings relative to positive impacts and 3 relative to negative impacts of technology on child’s play and incorporation in play therapy sessions

  3. Demonstrate 3 innovative technological interventions applicable for the playroom

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