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PA APT founded in 1998.

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About PA APT

The Pennsylvania Branch of the Association for Play Therapy (PA-APT) began to organize in 1997 with the mission of promoting the practice of play therapy in a variety of settings including schools, mental health centers, and private practice. Our current membership includes over 150 Professional and Affiliate members from all corners of the state.


Membership in PA-APT provides concurrent membership in the Association for Play Therapy (APT). APT was co-founded by Charles Schaefer, PHD and Kevin O'Connor, PhD in 1982 and includes over 4,000 members across the United States.


PA-APT is committed to providing training opportunities for all practitioners including an annual conference, as well as providing networking opportunities and informal contacts between members. The members, regional directors, and officers of PA-APT welcome your membership and participation in this growing organization!

Quotes about Play Therapy

"To read the language of play is to read the hearts and minds of children."

Ruth Hartley

"Enter into children's play and you will find the place where their minds, hearts and souls meet."

Virgina Axline