My name is: Janine York

What I do for the board:

I am the secretary as of the 2019 conference and I am on the Publication Committee. As part of the publication committee I maintain and update the website.

Why and when I joined the board:

I joined the board in 2018 as a prospective member and was voted onto the board at the 2019 conference. I joined the board because I love play therapy and wanted to be involved at a different level. I am excited to be a part of growing the Pennsylvania Branch of APT by making connections with members and the community at large. 

I play at (where I work and what I do for fun):

I work at Shoudt and Reilly Psychological Services, LLC, a group private practice in Birdsboro (near Reading). I joined the practice in February 2018 after moving to PA from Upstate NY. I am the only play therapist at the practice but have worked on educating the other psychologists about play therapy. When I am not at work I enjoy taking my dogs for walks with my family, hiking, spending time at the beach and playing games with my family. I am also active at my church and enjoy participating in mission events.


Where I learned to play (school/trainings):

My first exposure to play therapy was during my Bachelor's program where I observed play therapists at a local hospital and wrote a paper on play therapy. I also had the opportunity to use play therapy at a community mental health center during my Master's program. I studied with Athena Drewes during my doctoral internship at Astor Family Services for Children and Families in Rhinebeck, NY. While there I also had the privilege of studying under David Crenshaw. In recent years, I have enjoyed learning from Dr. Jodi Mullen and completed a 2 year certificate program in Mindfulness Based Play Family Therapy with Dottie Higgins-Klein through the Family and Play Therapy Center in Philadelphia.

Why play therapy:  

I knew in high school I wanted to work with children in some capacity and once I learned about play therapy and witnessed the transformation in children who participated in play therapy, I was hooked. It was amazing to me the change in the first child I worked with in a play room and I have never looked back! 

My favorite play therapy book (why?): 

Play Therapy: The Art of the Relationship, by Garry Landreth because it helped me develop an appreciation for non-directive play therapy over the years.

My favorite children’s book: 

Peaceful Piggy Meditates

My favorite play therapy technique:

I am mostly non-directive. I also like to use sand stories, music, and art.


My favorite play therapy quote:

"Enter into children's play and you will find the place where their minds, hearts and souls meet."

- Virginia Axline

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