Family Activities

  • Get outside, Hide and Seek, walk the dog or a neighbor’s dog, go to the park, frisbee, etc.

  • Make a mural of a family event with crayons, colored pencils, paints, finger paints

  • Board games, Twister, or physically interactive games, homemade puppets/puppet show (paper lunch sacks can be decorated to make quick/ease puppets)

  • Movement Mimic – each member takes a turn imitating an animal with movements, other family members mimic the leader

  • Freeze Dance – someone plays music, then stops it, everyone freezes

  • Mad Mound – empty boxes (can be taped with packing tape for reinforcement), cartons, plastic jugs, crumpled paper balls, nerf balls, foam noodles: stack items as desired into a mound; knock it down by throwing balls,  hitting it with a noodle, stomping or kicking, follow up with Scissor Breathing and snipping clouds

  • Scissor Breathing: standing or sitting with arms at your sides, pretend there are clouds above you, while taking a deep breath, raise your arms bringing hands together as scissors to snip a piece of the cloud that is just above your head; exhale as arms come back down to your sides, repeat 3 times

  • Musical Chairs/Pillows

  • Create a family skit about a funny or positive memory/event; kids create a performance for parents

  • Crafts

  • Draw each other without looking at your paper while you are drawing (Good for laughs)

  • Start an indoor garden in small boxes or plastic food containers

  • Trying new things to cook/bake or no bake treats

  • What Do You Think? – magazines, books with photos, optional: paper/pencils/markers: everyone takes a book or magazine, then 1 person picks a photo/picture from a page in the book/magazine and shows it to everyone, taking turns, each tells what he/she thinks is going on in the photo/picture including the person who selected it OR after the picture/photo is shown to all, everyone writes what they think is going on in the picture/photo, then each reads what he/she wrote including the person who selected it; each person gets a turn to pick the photo/picture to share with others – There is no right or wrong answer!

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