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Danielle B. Newkam, Psy.D., RPT-S, CTRP

Date: September 16, 2023

    Time: 12:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

3 Contact Hours available


1925 Waddle Road, State College, PA 16803

Spaces are limited, register now!

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Workshop Overview:
This workshop will guide participants in building a bibliotherapy bookshelf. Presented books will be catalogued, and participants will leave with a collection of bibliotherapy stories and play therapy techniques. Let’s build, read, and play together!

Workshop Abstract:
What is bibliotherapy and why is it important? Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic technique that utilizes books to help children think about, understand, and process social, emotional, behavioral, and developmental concerns as well as a variety of life circumstances. Bibliotherapy is an effective and beneficial strategy that allows a child to connect with book character(s), discover coping skills and solutions to problems, while gaining insight into own situation and concerns. How do you choose the right book? It is important that books be developmentally appropriate, well-written, and appealing; however, books should be carefully matched to child’s presenting problem or life situation so that the child becomes emotionally involved in the story.

Bibliotherapy can be used in conjunction with play therapy to provide children with a nonthreatening, fun, therapeutic experience. When a book is chosen, a play therapy tailored intervention can be incorporated that addresses a child’s specific needs. The combination of bibliotherapy and play therapy capitalizes on the receptive and expressive language and learning that is important in the development of childhood.

This workshop will introduce participants to the benefits and building blocks of bibliotherapy and how to build a booming bookshelf. The books will be catalogued and cover a range of topics including emotional regulation, feelings identification, family issues, trauma, social issues, social-emotional learning, etc. The play therapy techniques presented will include the use of creative arts, sandtray, games, fantasy/puppet play, role-playing, etc. This workshop will guide participants in building their own ABC or Amazing Bibliotherapy Catalogue…by reading and
playing together!

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